Field Notes: An Exploration of Functional Medicine

By Dr. Rob Downey

Shivan Sarna

Flipping Fifty with Debra Atkinson

The mindset of surrounding yourself with people that you want to be like, doing the things you want to do, is hard when you’re in an area where people aren’t doing the same.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Debra Atkinson, Wellness Coach and Hormone Balancing Fitness Expert, who has helped over 150,000 women “flip” their second half with the vitality and energy they want.


Shivan Sarna

IBS and SIBO SOS with Shivan Sarna

I want to bring a message of hope, connect people with experts, and bust some myths.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Shivan Sarna, who was set out on a mission to heal her gut and get her life back. She spent a year traveling around the country for appointments with the leading SIBO experts, reading everything she could find online and becoming a “patient expert” herself.


Madiha Saeed

Lower Chronic Inflammation for the Whole Family with Madiha Saeed, MD

We have to do the best we can, but we have to start with ourselves.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks the Holistic Mom, MD, Dr. Madiha Saeed, board certified family physician, best-selling author of The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease and Adam’s Healing Adventures.


Dan kalish

Finding Comfort with a Health Coach With Carol Comfort, FMCHC

Make lasting behavior changes with consciously selected new habits, supported by your health coach.

Dr. Rob Downey and health coach Carol Comfort discuss the ins and outs of health coaching, food being information for our bodies, and taking it slow.


Dan kalish

Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment With Tiffany Flaten, CNS, LN

My book is for those with irregular thyroid function that don’t just wan’t to survive, but also thrive.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with thyroid expert in nutrition, Tiffany Flaten, CNS, LN. Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment: An 8-Week Thyroid Diet for People with “Normal” Thyroid Test Results to Thrive, Not Just Survive is Tiffany’s first book now available on Amazon.


Dan kalish

You Can Fix Your Brain with Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for chronic disease and teaches that recognizing and addressing the underlying mechanisms that activate an immune response is the map to the highway towards better health. Listen today as we discuss all things brain health.

You Can Fix Your Brain too, here!


Dan kalish

Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia with Rodger Murphree, DC, CNS

Fibromyalgia is just a name, once you get the label you do not have to be stuck with it.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Rodger Murphree is a board certified chiropractic physician and board certified nutritional specialist. He is an internationally recognized fibromyalgia expert. His “Murphree Method,” a combination of functional and orthomolecular medicine, has helped thousands of patients get healthy and feel good again.


Dan kalish

Terrain Theory with Catherine Clinton, ND

We are really dependent on the microbes in our ecosystem for information.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Catherine Clinton, ND, a licensed naturopathic physician with a focus on gut health, autoimmunity and psychoneuroimmunology. Author, speaker, pediatric health advocate, today they talk about terrain theory.


Dan kalish

Happy Bones, Happy Life with Margie Bissinger, PT

We can changes ourselves to be resilient to life’s ups and downs.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Margie Bissinger, PT, about utilizing a physical therapist to improve bone health, regardless of injury. They also dive into happiness, and how it CAN affect your bone health.


Dan kalish

Happy Hormones with Dr. Deb Matthew

We are putting you in control of your own wellness, so you can stay out of the doctor’s office.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Deb Matthew, The Happy Hormones Doctor, and discuss hormones, how they can affect us, and how to find someone to accurately assess your hormonal imbalance.


Dan kalish

Improving Functional Medicine with Dr. Dan Kalish

I think part of functional medicine is about being flexible and resilient.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Dan Kalish as two functional medicine physicians to talk about telemedicine, what they are doing to improve their practices, forming long term relationships with patients, and looking towards longevity in functional medicine.


Elise Spofford yoga

Yoga and Mindful Movement with Elise Spofford

When we have found what makes our heart beat, we have a duty to share it. 


Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Elise Spofford about the benefits of yoga and developing mindful awareness of our internal landscape and our external propensities can best move us in the directions that we seek.


Jordanna Quinn

Blood Sweat and Food with Aryn Young and Beau Burgess

We try to source as close to home as possible.


Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Aryn Young and Beau Burgess of Blood, Sweat, and Food in Homer, AK, to learn what about their farm is so special and how it compares to “Organic” food or food you buy at the grocery store. We also learn about agrarian and economic sovereignty for land and small communities.


Jordanna Quinn

Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Jordanna Quinn

A pill isn’t going to change your life, you are going to change your life.


Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Jordanna Quinn, a board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician and has specialty training in Regenerative medicine, Functional medicine, Anti Aging Medicine and Medical Aesthetics


Kicking Chronic Illness with Dr. Christine Schaffner

Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine are part of a paradigm shift in medicine. 


Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Christine Schaffner, a naturopathic physician and expert in lymphatics.


The Power of Presence with Cory Muscara

Try to listen to understand, not to respond. Have trust!


Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Cory Muscara, and discusses topics like mindfulness. meditation, peace, and engagement.


Functional Medicine Insights with Jeff Bland

Changing lives through functional medicine.


Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Jeff Bland about Functional Medicine and its impact on the medical community and health.


Advocating for Your Health with Misty Williams

Be ready to move on if you’re working with someone who is judgemental or not aligned with your goals.


Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Misty Williams, and discusses topics like advocacy in your health treatments and getting your best sleep ever. Misty is the founder of Healing Rosie, which provides high-performing women with the resources and community to successfully confront the unexpected chronic health issues that women often experience as they age. She is the host of the Best Sleep Ever summit, sign up here:


Mastering Stress for Positive Change with Dr. Heidi Hanna

Stress is the reaction that happens in the gap between demand and capacity.


Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Heidi Hanna, the Chief Energy Officer at Synergy Brain Fitness, a Harvard University instructor, and a NYT bestselling author. Together we talk about stress, and what we should do to remedy it. Learn more about her Global Stress Summit here.


Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Achina Stein

We look for the root causes of problems to eliminate the symptoms, as opposed to a diagnosis that would only seek to “match a pill to an ill.”


Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Achina Stein, a functional medicine psychiatrist. We cover topics such as antidepressants, root causes of depression and anxiety, and the functional psychiatric applications to treating this. Visit her website at to sign up for her book for free and sign up for a free 30 minute consultation.


The Astonishing Power Of Love In Healing with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

People often think love should come to them, but if you put love out, it will come back to you like a boomerang.

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch about the power of both love and healing. Learn how you can always love more, and you can always give love to someone, somewhere. Listen as Dr. Sokitch discusses her book –Healing When It Seems Impossible – 7 Keys to Defy the Odds about her unique and comprehensive healing.


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