12- Improving Functional Medicine with Dr. Dan Kalish

I think part of functional medicine is about being flexible and resilient.


Dan kalish

In this episode, Dr. Dan Kalish and I have a discussion as two functional medicine physicians to talk about telemedicine, what they are doing to improve their practices, forming long term relationships with patients, and looking towards longevity in functional medicine.

[07:06] The budding presence of telemedicine
[16:09] The availability of health services for disadvantaged communities
[20:00] Transition to health sustainability, and forming long-term relationships with patients
29:35] What happens after a patient is “cured”?
[31:30] Spiritual guidance in medicine

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Dan Kalish

About the Guest

Dr. Dan Kalish, founder of The Kalish Institute for Functional Medicine, has trained over 2,000 practitioners on building successful Telemedicine and Functional Medicine practices. Founded in 2006, The Kalish Institute teaches clinical application and patient communication techniques through a hands-on, case-based approach. In direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Kalish has honed the focus of course-offerings at The Kalish Institute to meet the growing practitioner demands for knowledge on best practices in transitioning to Telemedicine. Dr. Kalish is an IFM Certified Practitioner, and a lead faculty for the Institute for Functional Medicine Practice Implementation Program. Dr. Kalish has authored three books on Functional Medicine, and is a notable speaker at Integrative Medicine conferences.

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