1- The Astonishing Power Of Love In Healing Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

If you can’t feel love coming towards you, give love towards somebody.

1- The Astonishing Power of Love and Healing with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

 Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch about the power of both love and healing. Watch our interview for more about:


  • the healing potential of love
  • the Triangle of Wellness
  • the role of emotional health in your physical health

About the Guest

Shiroko Sokitch MD is a doctor who cares about you! The owner of Heart to Heart Medical Center in Santa Rosa, California, since 1993, Dr. Shiroko is an expert at using many modalities to bring your body to balance and wholeness. Her specialty is Healing When It Seems Impossible. She brings hope and healing to difficult health conditions by blending Chinese and Western medicine with a deep spiritual and emotional healing approach. Trained in general surgery, and working as an emergency room doctor for 10 years while attending acupuncture school, gave Dr. Shiroko a broad range of medical experience. Her new book – Healing When It Seems Impossible – 7 Keys to Defy the Odds  about her unique and comprehensive healing approach is available on Amazon.

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