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Seaworthy Functional Medicine offers you an opportunity for lasting movement forward to feeling very well and being very healthy. Seaworthy is unique in that it combines old-school sweat-the-details family medicine compassion and training with cutting edge telemedicine, specialized testing and an energetic, responsive team. At Seaworthy we have learned how to help patients achieve their goals amidst the challenges of living and thriving in Alaska: we deliver a refined and effective way of working together.


Rob Downey, MD

Dr. Rob Downey witnessed his first exceptional clinical outcome in response to functional medicine in 2006 when his natural medicine mentor turned around a severe autoimmunity case via whole food, probiotics and safe, potent anti-inflammatory botanical supplements. When he asked her whether getting Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) training would allow him to “speak the language” so he could understand what she was doing she responded, “If you get the IFM training, you will help people the way I do.” He never looked back.

Dr. Downey is driven to connect with other people, listen deeply to what they are experiencing and ask, with them, “What’s next, where do we go with our thoughts and actions to be whole and healthy?” It started in childhood talking with friends and family while hiking in the mountains of western Montana and continues part-and-parcel in the IFM-informed therapeutic alliance he endeavors to form with every patient. He finds there is a beauty, transparency and honesty in the doctor-patient relationship when approached this way. His patients report this approach creates a space for them to get over their hurdles and be their best.

Mackenzie Jacque

Mackenzie joined the Seaworthy team in June of 2021 as a Medical Assistant. She is a Criminal Justice major from UNLV, having lived in Las Vegas for 8 years. After deciding upon a more peaceful life, she moved to Homer in 2016. This is her first time working in Functional Medicine and loves every minute of it. When she is not in the office, she is with her significant other and their high-energy Belgian Malinois, Cali, who keeps them on their toes every second! 

Dee Dahmann, RRT, RPSGT, RST

Dee Dahmann RRT, RPSGT, RST is our Functional Medicine Clinic Manager. Dee started working in the medical field at the age of 16 and completed her education in Respiratory Therapy, Biology, Business Administration and Sleep Medicine before moving to Alaska in 2010. She has a great thirst for knowledge and loves Alaska and all that it entails. Travel, fishing, hunting, gardening, charcuterie, smoking meats and canning are a few of her broad list of interests. She practices mindfulness and meditation daily, works toward improving her life and that of those around her daily and thoroughly enjoys working with the SPH Functional Medicine team.

Ivy McClure

Ivy joined the Seaworthy team when she moved up from Oregon in May 2023. She fell in love with Alaska, and Homer, in 2022 and never looked back. Ivy is enthusiastic about serving patients, listening deeply and loves to think creatively. This is her first time working in Functional Medicine and she is regularly inspired by Dr. Downey’s holistic, person-specific approach to healing. Ivy works as Seaworthy’s Receptionist and dabbles in social media, tech support and more.
When she’s not in the office, you can find Ivy roller skating on the Spit, baking sourdough bread or playing music with her partner. She also just adopted two kittens and will never hesitate to gush about them!

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