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Our Founder

Dr. Rob Downey is a family practice MD and IFM Certified Practitioner. He grew up in Montana and has practiced medicine in Montana and Alaska for twenty-plus years. He loves living in Alaska. He takes joy in family time, whole food, mindfulness, running, skiing, cycling, fishing, rafting, reading, poetry, road trips and listening to music (with an everlasting soft spot for loud alternative/rock-and-roll). He finds functional medicine endlessly fascinating for its ability to transform lives into radiant vitality. If you don’t find him at his clinic, or by a window at home, with a hot beverage and a book, you will find him out-of-doors.


How We Can Help You


Our Medical Team

The medical team at Seaworthy is unified in its commitment to caring for patients in both the Homer area and greater Alaska- it starts with the first in-person meeting, email or voice on the phone and continues into every lab result, query response, trouble-shooting or prescription refill.

What sets Seaworthy apart is that each team member patiently, thoughtfully and promptly attends to each detail of building and following up functional medicine plans built for patients one a time, like tailored jackets.  This commitment meets best-practice standards in medicine every patient deserves and it’s part of the “secret sauce” of why Seaworthy patients have such good outcomes.