19- Finding Comfort with a Health Coach With Carol Comfort, FMCHC

Make lasting behavior changes with consciously selected new habits, supported by your health coach.

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Dr. Rob Downey speaks with health coach Carol Comfort about food being information for our bodies, the purpose of a health coach, and just taking it slow.

Today we will learn:

  • What is the purpose of a health coach?
  • How can collaborating with a health coach transform a physician’s practice
  • How does a FMCHC implement a food plan
  • The scope of practice for a health coach in regards to nutrition
  • A recent health related book that could benefit everyone

Go to carolcomfort.com for more on Carol’s coaching.

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About the Guest

After working in a functional medicine clinic for several years, I began my own private practice. I live in Homer, Alaska with my husband and our pup Tuuli. Our home sits on 20 peaceful acres where we raised two very independent children. I enjoy hikes through the woods, kayaking, and cross country skiing. Yoga and swimming are also regular parts of my fitness routine; in the summer I swim in the small pond just out my front door. To help keep myself grounded and balanced, I’ve kept a regular meditation practice for the last 20 years. I’m also a classically trained pianist and maintain a lively piano studio. I’ve had a few of my own health challenges, having survived a cancer diagnosis, twice. Over the course of several years I went from a “pretty good” diet and lifestyle to an optimal level of wellness that feels balanced, sustainable, and open to change when needed. And in the meantime, I’ve remained not only cancer free but loaded with gratitude and joy for all the lessons learned along the way. No matter your health challenge, I’d love to guide you toward a similar outcome!


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