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Medical Evaluations & Telemedicine

We offer in-person (post COVID19 emergency) visits at our “brick and mortar” clinic in beautiful Homer, AK or “virtual” telemedicine visits via an app called MyCarePlan from Qure4U.

Seaworthy Functional Medicine does not function as your primary care medical provider.  You need to have your own primary care provider in place as a condition of establishing functional medicine care with Seaworthy.

Telemedicine can be used to establish care from anywhere within Alaska for residents of Alaska without ever coming to the physical clinic in Homer- a form is filled out every two years by your primary care medical provider with clearance and documentation of a physical exam.  All visits over time will be available via telemedicine if that is what you prefer. Insurance coverage for this varies but Medicare and Medicaid have historically not tended to cover it.  Out-of-pocket payment is accepted if preferred.

Telemedicine is available for non-Alaskan residents if you are seen once in-person at our physical location in Homer, Alaska.  Follow-up visits are then available in perpetuity outside of Alaska due to you now being an Alaskan patient in our system.  You will be asked to be cleared and have a physical via your primary care provider every two years via a form you give to your local medical care team.

Dr. Downey will look for the root cause of disease or how to most rapidly optimize your vitality. He will address lifestyle modifications to enhance personal wellness and build a functional medicine plan tailored to that person. Functional Medicine uses a bigger toolbox than most conventional medicine: medications still have a role and additional tools include food plans, vitamins, minerals, functional medicine laboratory testing, professional-grade supplements, supporting adequate healthy sleep, supporting adequate social resources, stress management, exercise and restorative practices like yoga, meditation or biofeedback.

Hormone Testing & Optimization

When it is very helpful to check both adrenal hormone and related ex hormones we often use a long trusted lab, Precision Analytical to offer DUTCH PLUS®

The Dutch Plus tests your adrenal and related sex hormones e.g. the three main estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA etc. When imbalanced, These hormones can contribute to many symptoms including fatigue and undue mood fluctuations.  This test can also be very helpful to evaluate for peri-menopause, menopause and andropause.

Dr. Downey offers many strategies to improve symptoms based on the results of this test.

Comprehensive Thyroid Lab Testing

Dr. Downey offers a six part thyroid panel that helps him to dial in an optimal plan for thyroid support: TSH, free T4, free T3, reverse T3, thyroglobulin antibody and thyroperoxidase antibody.

Genova Diagnostics

Genova Diagnostics is a standard-setting leader in a broad variety of mission-critical functional medicine testing including definitive gut metabolism, genomic profiles and expanded cholesterol panels.


Cardio Check


The GI Effects® Comprehensive Stool Profile  The Most Comprehensive Stool Test for Optimal Clinical Utility.

The GI Effects® Comprehensive Stool Profile is an advanced stool test that provides immediate, actionable clinical information for the management of gastrointestinal health. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and biomarkers, this test offers valuable insight into digestive function, intestinal inflammation, and the intestinal microbiome.

NutrEval: A Comprehensive Test for Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies. Featuring Plasma Amino Acid Analysis

IgG Food Antibody Assessment  Gain Insight into Symptoms Triggered by Food

The IgG Food Antibody Assessment (*not available in NY) is a blood test that measures antibodies to 87 commonly consumed foods. The panel also includes a total IgE measurement. The body can react to foods in many different ways. Adverse food reactions can lead to distressing symptoms and chronic health conditions. Often times it is unknown exactly which food(s) may be the cause and testing can help identify the problematic foods. Removal of the reactive foods often results in resolution of symptoms.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

Uncover the Cause of Unexplained Abdominal Symptoms with Breath Testing

SIBO is a common clinical condition and can develop in a variety of patient populations.

Genova’s SIBO Profiles are non-invasive breath tests which capture exhaled hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4) gases following patient ingestion of a lactulose solution to evaluate bacterial overgrowth of the 
small intestine.

Educational Resources

Institute for Functional Medicine educational literature and resources targeted to a huge variety of topics from the IFM Toolkit.

Educational videos including interviews with national functional medicine experts and Alaskan community leaders.


Certified Health Coaching

Referral to and incorporation of Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches both locally in Homer and via virtual visits.

Professional Grade Supplements

We offer the highest quality supplements available through our professional FullScript account. As a patient you will receive your supplement prescriptions from Dr. Downey via this delivery service and offered at a discount over MSRP.

Qure4U App

Qure4U app for patient support including telemedicine platform that works via internet connection or mobile phone service.

Download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Newsletter for Patients

Monthly newsletter with patient-only drilldown specific content education on functional medicine topics including updates, ideas, tips and recipes.

Coaches Corner from Carol Comfort, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

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