“If there is inflammation, there is Mast Cell involvement.”

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If you’re dealing with any chronic health conditions like fatigue, brain fog, pain, inflammation, or autoimmunity, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome might be a root cause no one is talking about. Beth O’Hara joins the podcast to discuss why this topic is monumentally important.

[03:01] The entry point of getting the mast cells back to their native state

[05:45] What mast cell activation is

[10:45] Beth O’Hara shares her personal experience

[16:20] Addressing the root causes

[26:38] MCAS and Histamine Intolerance 

[37:29] Beth O’Hara shares about her Reversing Mast Cell Activation Summit

Be sure to check out her Reversing Mast Cell Activation Summit here:


Heidi Cox

About the Guest

Beth O’Hara, FN

Have many doctors and specialists tried to help you, but have been unable to support you in moving beyond your Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)? Are these practitioners focusing on just one set of factors, not seeing the whole you?

Meet Beth O’Hara, specializing in genetics, naturopathy, and emotional wellness, who can see the entire picture of your mast cell activation in order to empower you to reclaim your well-being.

Her unique Mast Cell 360º insight and analysis process reveals the many factors of your mast cell activation through Genetic Analysis, Functional Naturopathy, and Emotional Wellness…