Healing Powers of Kombucha
with Hannah Crum

We are healing the world, one gut at a time!

Shivan Sarna
Today, Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Hannah Crum, “The Kombucha Mamma” about the wonderful benefits of kombucha and living foods. Kombucha is a fermented tea, transformed by sugar and brewing techniques to enhance the nutritional value of the beverage, and today they discuss all the benefits of the drink and help you decide if it’s right for YOU. Buy your first starter kit here.

[01:50] What is kombucha and what are its unique benefits?
[08:36] Tips for buying different varieties of kombucha
[19:50] The safety of “living foods”
[29:29] Do “living organisms” benefit EVERYONE?
[40:57] Finding a balance with your system and kombucha intake

Hannah Crum

About the Guest

Hannah Crum, aka “The Kombucha Mamma”, pioneered Kombucha Kamp, an educational workshop, in 2004 out of her small Los Angeles kitchen. Along with husband Alex LaGory, they created www.KombuchaKamp.com, the top educational site with a mission to “Change the world, one gut at a time,” by providing quality information, quality cultures and quality customer support. Hannah tours as a popular speaker about Kombucha, fermentation, and bacteriosapiens at corporate and health conferences, fermentation festivals and events around the world. As an outgrowth of their corporate consulting, industry reporting and class marketing efforts, Hannah & Alex co-founded Kombucha Brewers International in 2014 to unite and advocate for the commercial Kombucha bottling industry around the world. Through Kombucha Kamp’s videos, blog posts, online support communities, and award winning, Amazon Best Seller The Big Book of Kombucha (Storey Publishing, 2016, 400 pgs.), they serve as mentors to millions of homebrewers and commercial producers around the world. Visit www.KombuchaKamp.com for all your Kombucha brewing supplies, tips, recipes and more!