Castor Oil for Better Health
with Marisol Teijeiro, ND

The biggest difference that I saw in my health journey was when I finally had FAITH in my body’s ability to heal.
Shivan Sarna
Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Marisol Teijeiro, ND, Queen of the Thrones® about the unknown benefits of castor oil. Castor oil is a multi-purpose vegetable oil that people have used for thousands of years- for medicinal, industrial and pharmaceutical uses. Today, learn how to use castor oil to your advantage- and order a pack here!

[01:27] A personal history with castor oil
[12:37] How does castor oil actually work? 
[24:00] What molecule is a “superhero”?
[34:29] Digestion and the parasympathetic nervous system
[42:04] How to connect with Dr. Marisol

Heather Aardema

About the Guest

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, Naturopathic Doctor & Queen of the Thrones® is an award-winning author and Medical Mystic who’s renowned for helping change people’s lives by connecting them to the signs and messages that are all around them, but most importantly those coming from their bodies. She helps people all over the world learn how to illuminate their purpose and passion in life by understanding their body language through experience-based health & happiness practices. She’s recently been featured on various TV programs including nationally syndicated shows (Bloom & Daytime) as well as The Marilyn Denis Show in Canada. It’s her life’s mission to help people unfold and understand their inner journey towards full expression of self by connecting the body, mind, and souls for infinite health.