Kasandrinos Olive Oil
with Tony Kasandrinos

Because olive oil has been around for thousands of years, studies have been done on olive oil since they’ve been doing studies!

Shivan Sarna

Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Tony Kasandrinos, CEO of Kasandrinos Olive Oil, to hear about the genesis of his family olive oil company and how it has become not just a cooking staple, but a health benefit.

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[02:19] How did the Kasandrinos family get started in the olive oil business?
[07:49] The “philosophy” of olive oil.
[12:02] Olive Oil as pharmacology
[25:48] What is the origin of this olive oil?
[28:26] How do most people use Kasandrinos Olive Oil
[35:02] What makes your olive oil different & the Mediterranean diet

Lorne Carroll

About the Guest

Tony Kasandrinos is a native of Rochester, New York, but spent a good portion of his childhood in his father’s village in Niata, Greece. After graduating from the Aquinas Institute, Tony joined the Marine Corps in 1997 and retired from active duty in 2019. Tony currently lives close to family in Las Vegas, Nevada and runs sales and marketing at Kasandrinos full-time with his sister Effi, and cousin Efrosyni. In his free time, he loves traveling, being outdoors, and spending time around the table with friends and family. Tony’s favorite way to eat olive oil is drenched over a horiatik isalad (Greek salad) and lamb chops.