26- Public Health Culture in the Pandemic
with lorne carroll, rn, bsn

All variables within one’s life up and down the timeline are connective and impactful to current health and outcomes moving forward.

Shivan Sarna

Today, Dr. Rob Downey talks to Lorne Carroll, RN, BSN, about his goals working as a Public Health Nurse and Team Leader for the Public Health Nursing section in Alaska. He also discusses his opportunity through a fellowship with Johns Hopkins to receive world class training in the public health field and create a network of global health leaders. They speak up about how the pandemic has brought forth the need for change in the global health field.

[05:12] Discussing Lorne’s fellowship through Johns Hopkins and the goal of the American Health Initiative project
[08:34] How should public health professionals properly address interventions?
[17:35] The importance of listening culture in the public health field
[27:55] How does crisis bring out the most crucial changes needed for society?
[38:57] Relationships with communities while working in public health


Lorne Carroll

About the Guest

Lorne has been a Public Health Nurse/Team Leader for Alaska’s Section of Public Health Nursing for over 7 years. Lorne also serves on the Section’s Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention Workgroup, a statewide team working to develop the first-ever comprehensive plan that outlines best practices and intended outcomes surrounding addiction and overdose services. Lorne is responsible for onboarding and guiding the staff of the Public Health Center in applying key characteristics of public health nursing practice: 1. a focus on the wellness needs of the entire population; 2. assessment of the population health using a comprehensive, systematic approach; 3. attention to all determinants of health; 4. an emphasis on primary prevention; 5. and intervention at all levels—individual/family, community, and the systems that impact their health.

The mission of Alaska’s Section of Public Health Nursing is to protect and improve the health of all Alaskans through partnering with individuals, communities, and systems while advancing self-reliance, dignity, and cultural integrity. The Section has a 127-year history of living locally and acting globally; its goal is to see every Alaskan having the best chance possible to realize their full potential. The Public Health Nursing program aims to get new public health professionals into the community as soon as possible while helping them to simultaneously master individual client-based services surrounding substance misuse, sexually transmitted infections, vaccine-preventable diseases, food and waterborne illnesses, interpersonal violence, and tuberculosis, while linking/referring clients to all other needed services.

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